Facility Overview

  • I. K. Barber Enhanced Forestry Lab (EFL) consists of four greenhouse compartments (three at 49m2 and one at 55m2) with temperature control, HPS lighting control, heating/venting control and humidity sensing.
    • Two of the compartments are equipped with automated watering/fertigation booms and one portable fogging system can be deployed in any pod.
  • Environmental controls are monitored by a central in-house computer system. A UNBC Building Controls Systems Technician is available to monitor or modify existing control systems.
  • The header house contains a large instructional/research lab as well as a soil preparation area. A special dust suppression room is available for conducting wood quality work and soils characterization research.
  • The UNBC Tree Ring Lab is housed in the EFL. 
  • Attached to the header house is a large outdoor fenced compound (10 m x 25 m).
  • An unheated storage shed (15 m x 15 m) is also available to store research equipment.
  • Eleven offices are included in the facility. A list of occupants can be obtained by contacting a Greenhouse Technician.