BA Environmental and Sustainability Studies


The Bachelor of Arts in Environmental and Sustainability Studies emphasizes an integrated social science and humanities perspective, and focuses on the foundations of environmental citizenship.
Our graduates understand the ecological underpinnings of environmental issues and the social aspects of environmental challenges, such as ethics, policy, governance, Indigenous perspectives, gender, and environmental justice.
This positions students to be effective agents of social and environmental change. Students are provided with tools to assess sustainability in practice, learned through courses that examine policy, law, environmental assessment, and carbon and energy management.
Employable skills such as GIS, cartography, communication and public engagement techniques, prepare graduates to solve today’s environmental challenges.
The minimum requirement for completion of this degree is 120 credit hours.

Program Requirements​

Areas of Specialization

Students choose from one of four areas of specialization allowing them to cater the degree to their interests: 

Global Environmental Studies

For those interested in global scale or international issues and possibly working abroad.

Communities and Environmental Citizenship

For those interested in working with communities, local governments and non-profits.

Natural Resources Management 

For those wanting to bring a social science perspective to the management of our natural resources.

Indigenous Perspectives

For those wanting to work in collaboration with Indigenous peoples or assist governments and industry in building relationships with Indigenous peoples