Student Achievements

Since 2015, students have completed 53 carbon inventories for local businesses through our Low-Carbon Transitions course, following international ISO 14064 standards. Students took the fundamental greenhouse gas accounting skills they learned in the classroom, created carbon footprints for businesses, and made recommendations for emissions reductions and energy savings.

In 2018 Environmental Studies and Political Science Major Arctica Cunningham was named one of Prince George’s 40 under 40 AND was the Valedictorian for the College of Arts Social and Health Sciences.

In 2017 Environmental Studies major Karista Olson organized a group of students, including Environmental Studies majors Jenn Badderly and Lluvia Pineda-Lopez, to serve as delegates to the United Nations Peacebuilders Conference, which then led to the group attending the Canadian International Model United Nations in Ottawa in 2018.

In 2017 Environmental Studies Major Becky Dochstader (2015) designed the BC Strong sticker to commemorate the 2017 BC fire season and BC’s community response.  These are seen on cars across the province.

In 2017 Environmental Studies Major Chantel Kozachenko (2017) completed the second full waste audit of UNBC’s food services.

In 2016 three-quarters of the Northern Undergraduate Student Society Board of Directors was composed of Environmental Studies Majors.

In 2015-2016 Environmental Studies Majors Angela Kehler (2016) and Melanie Anderson (2016) completed a year of living completely locally while blogging their experiences.

Environmental Studies Major Cameron Bell received a 3M Fellowship in 2013 AND was the 2014 Valedictorian for the College of Science and Management Convocation.  While at UNBC he started the drive for the NUGSS Dome Greenhouse (producing vegetables for the campus).

Environmental Studies Major Bruce Muir (2000; MA Environmental Studies and Natural Resources 2011) in 2012 was awarded UNBC’s Alumni of the Year – Professional Service Award for his work in assisting an Indigenous Nation to take a lawsuit to the Supreme Court of Canada.