Educational Impacts in the North Speaker Series

Thursday, May 13, 2021 - 11:30am

Preparing for and Embracing Change - Dr. Donald Carmont

As UNBC undergoes changes on two fronts, both administrative and academic, we all are left to ponder what will our future hold.  We restructured from a two-college system to a five-faculty model, what does this mean?  How will it affect our work lives now and in the future?   As well, the pandemic has turned our entire world upside down and post-secondary education is no exception.  The dramatic change from in-person learning to emergency online learning forced complex changes from previous practice.  It has left administrators, instructors and students perplexed, confused, fatigued, and stressed.  Although we hope that things will go back to normal soon, we must realistically prepare for change in the landscape of teaching and learning.    The CTLT welcomes all to join Dr. Donald Carmont as he guides us through a practical view to prepare for and embrace change as it evolves in our educational environment.

Dr. Donald Carmont is a leadership catalyst, executive coach, and a training and development specialist. Don brings an expertise in “people skills,” gained from five decades of leadership, teaching, training, writing and public speaking to hundreds of thousands of people in nearly thirty countries. He has served as CEO in organizations, built a successful financial services company, headed a multi-million-dollar non-profit organization, and served as a consultant and director on international boards. He has hosted daily radio, weekly television, and had multiple appearances on national television.  Don holds an M.A. in Management, a Ph.D in Communications, and is a certified Master Coach with the global Behavioral Coaching Institute.

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