Health Research Seminar Series: Should I Sit or Should I Go? Exploring the Role of Our Legs in Cognitive Performance Enhancement

Should I Sit or Should I Go? Exploring The Role of Our Legs in Cognitive Performance Enhancement
Thursday, October 21, 2021 - 2:30pm to 4:00pm
7-152 and Zoom Webinar
Prince George

Do you know someone who uses a standing desk? Do you try to hold meetings while walking? Do you prefer to stand while attending a university lecture? If so, you likely started these behaviours after 2012 when news stories on how sitting is the new smoking were flooding in. If you replied “no” to the questions above, then you might be wondering if you should adopt any of these behaviours. Beyond the obvious health advantages of standing, walking, and cycling, these activities enhance the performance of our brain... Or do they? In this seminar, we will explore together when your legs are an asset to your brain and when they just get in its way. To exercise your brain during this interactive presentation, bring along:

  • A pen (or pencil);
  • A blank piece of paper; and
  • Your phone (or tablet).

Dr. Kaminska is an Assistant Professor in the Northern Medical Program where she splits her time between teaching, working as a family doctor, and doing research. Mal's Medical Education research aims to make learning easier and fun-ner for medical learners at all levels. She is currently completing a PhD in which she studies Embodied Cognition Theory, also known as the mind-body connection. 


Contact Information

Leana Garraway
Manager, Health Research Institute
Phone: 250-960-6405

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