CIHR Cafe Scientifique

Wednesday, March 15, 2023 (All day)

Support the communication and dissemination of research evidence on a health research topic of public interest in an easily-understood and interesting format. Promote the mobilization of knowledge between CIHR's health research community and members of the Canadian public to increase the impact of health research. Foster engagement between health researchers and knowledge users to encourage participatory approaches to knowledge mobilization in health research. Encourage Canadians to contribute their views on future research directions.

Full Application Due: March 15, 2023

Full applications must be received in the Office of Research and Innovation a minimum of 5 business days in advance of the application deadline. Applications must be submitted to the Office of Research and Innovation via Romeo. Please allow enough time for Chair and Dean approval.

Contact Information

Nicole Balliet, Sr. Research Project Officer - Health
Phone: 250-960-5815

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