Building a Sustainable and Resilient Future in Small Communities with Decentralized and Holistic Water and Sanitation Solutions

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Wednesday, April 10, 2024 - 5:00pm to 7:00pm
Two Rivers Gallery-Atrium (second floor)
Off Campus
Prince George

Join us in a conversation about how decentralized systems enhance community resilience in the face of climate change and environmental challenges. By diversifying water sources and reducing reliance on centralized infrastructure, communities can become more adaptable and better equipped to withstand disruptions.

However, realizing the full potential of decentralized solutions requires addressing challenges such as regulatory barriers, funding constraints, and the need for capacity building and technical expertise. These hurdles underscore the importance of horizontal dialogues and collaborations across various stewards—academia, industry, government, and civil society—to design contextually appropriate water and sanitation solutions.

To delve deeper into this critical discourse, we invite you to join the "Building a Sustainable and Resilient Future in Small Communities with Decentralized and Holistic Water and Sanitation Solutions" event on April 10th, from 5:00 to 7:00 pm, at the Two Rivers Gallery atrium in downtown Prince George. This event promises an atmosphere of open dialogue and knowledge building, featuring local stakeholders and esteemed water and sanitation experts discussing the innovation in off-grid technologies in small and remote communities in North America.

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We are extremely fortunate to have the support of the Pacific Institute For Climate Solutions (PICS), without whom we would not be able to host such an event!

Join us in creating a vibrant, sustainable future for all!

Dr. June Garcia-Becerra is a professor in the School of Engineering and leads the Water and Sanitation Holistic Technologies (WASTH-T) research group at UNBC, focused on developing sustainable and resilient decentralized solutions for water and sanitation. Dr. Garcia-Becerra has a background in chemical engineering, with an MBiotech and Ph.D. from University of Toronto and a BEng from Universidad Iberoamericana. Her area of expertise is technological and interdisciplinary solutions for the provision of water and sanitation services. Dr. Garcia-Becerra has worked in the municipal and biopharmaceutical sectors and has collaborated on interdisciplinary research and eco-entrepreneurship projects.

June Garcia-Becerra

Dr. Madjid Mohseni is Scientific Director and co-founder of the RES'EAU Centre for Mobilizing Innovation and a professor of chemical, biological, and environmental engineering at the University of UBC. Dr. Mohseni is an expert in drinking water quality, advanced water treatment processes, and cost-effective water treatment technologies. Dr. Mohseni holds a B.Sc. in Chemical Engineering from Amirkabir University of Technology and an M.Sc. and Ph.D. from the University of Toronto.

Mohseni Madjid

Harry Nyce Jr.

Harry Nyce, Jr. is a member of the Ts’imsyaan and Nisga’a First Nations, serves as the Vice President and Instructor for Wilp Wilxo’oskwhl Nisga’a Institute (WWNI) in the Nass Valley. Since 1993, WWNI delivers undergraduate and graduate level courses via a Federated Agreement with UNBC, a BA and MA in First Nations Studies – Nisga’a Studies, a BA in Nisga’a Language Fluency, as well as vocational and technical courses. Mr. Nyce, received a master’s in Business Administration from the University of Northern British Columbia, as well as a Bachelor of Science from the University of Victoria. He is currently working towards a PhD at UNBC, focusing his thesis on "Holding Space for Indigenous Knowledge in Natural Resource Management and Environmental Planning.

Harry Nyce

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