Snow and Ice Removal

It is the responsibility of the UNBC Facilities Department to provide snow and ice control operations for the campus.

Snow and ice control is considered priority work and areas can be cleared at any time, day or night. Due to the variable conditions encountered during each storm and the potential hazards to employees, students, faculty and visitors to campus careful planning is considered when determining priority routes. Things such as the rate and accumulation of snowfall, moisture content, temperature, wind direction, time of day or night as well as the duration of the event are all factors that interact to create a unique aspect for each storm. The goal of the Facilities department is to provide a safe surface free of excess snow and ice on roadways, sidewalks and parking lots.

Snow clearing and sanding of the UNBC parking lots and roadways is done by a contractor, under the direction of the Facilities Department. During the winter months designated walkways are determined by the Facilities Department based on safety criteria, user necessity and practicality of use during the winter season.

Snow clearing and sanding are completed based on the following priorities. Work on Priority 1 and Priority 2 routes may be repeated multiple times, weather dependent, before Priority 3 routes are started. Refer to included maps for route details.

  • Residence 1 to Conference Centre West entry
  • Residence 2 to Residence 1 walkway
  • Daycare main entry at child drop-off area
  • Library accessible ramp and stairs at North & East entries
  • Northern Medical Building South entries
  • McCaffray Hall stairs and walkway from Lot A and walkway from bus stop to South entry
  • Northern Sport Centre accessible entry at West side
  • Teaching Lab accessible entry at West side
  • Teaching and Learning Centre accessible entries on South side and North entry to Lot C
  • Bus stop to main McCaffray Hall entry at West side
  • Bus stop to main Conference Centre entry at South side
  • Parking lot sidewalks
  • Northern Medical Building East entry
  • Courtyard to Library and Cafeteria entries
  • Maintenance Building sidewalk to the Northern Sport Centre accessible entry on West side
  • Daycare South side emergency exit path
  • Daycare playground emergency exit paths
  • Library short term parking and drop off area
  • Library North entry
  • Daycare to Residence 2 connector
  • Bus loop sidewalk to University Way
  • Remaining accessible entry doors
  • Remaining sidewalks, walkways and entries
  • Emergency exits
  • Fire lanes
  • Fire hydrants