Past Due Accounts

All tuition and fees are due on the first day of each semester.  Any accounts remaining unpaid after the due date are considered delinquent.  The University reserves the right to withdraw students where no attempt has been made to pay the account or make deferred payment arrangements.  

Students can make payment arrangements with the Accounts Receivable office in person, by telephone at 250-960-6390 or email at

Any student failing to drop or withdraw from their courses online during established deadlines (see Dates & Deadlines) or provide written notification to the Office of Registrar of their complete drop or withdrawal from a course or slate of courses (also within the established deadlines) will be assessed full tuition fees for those registered courses and receive grades of "F" on their transcript.

All past due notifications are now generated and posted to the student web account at  at 30, 60 and 90 day intervals to notify students of the current term balance outstanding on their account. Accounts outstanding for over 90 days will be sent a notice of pending collection action and where payment is not received within the grace period of 30 days, the account shall be assigned to an external collection agency.

A financial hold will be placed on all accounts with remaining balances 30 days from the due date preventing future registration, the release of official academic transcripts and the receipt of parchments.  In addition, late payment service charges at the monthly rate of 2% of the principal amount outstanding will be assessed when the account reaches 30 days past due and every 30 days subsequent until the account is paid in full.

 Please refer to Student Accounts Receivable Billing and Collection Policies and Procedures for more details.