Contact Finance

General Finance Inquiries 

Finance and Treasury


Sajjan Powar, Treasury Officer
Phone: 250-960-5510

  • Travel advances and other employee receivables
  • Conference service receivables
  • Bank deposits
  • General treasury questions

Financial Services


Katie Nelson, Financial Services Officer
Phone: 250-960-6525

  • Revolving receivables (on-campus associations, clubs and societies)
  • External sales receivables (laboratory, bookstore)
  • Student tax receipts (T2202)
  • Student refund requests
  • General accounts receivable questions

Accounts Receivable


Tracy Carter, Student Financial Officer
Phone: 250-960-6390
  • Student accounts, billing and collection (late fees, holds, refunds)
  • Third party accounts, billing and collection (sponsorships)


  • All aspects of general operating budgets
  • Carry forward and specific purpose funds
  • Budget transfers
  • Operating statements and detailed transaction listing

Sean Kinsley, Senior Financial Analyst
Phone: 250-960-5616

Tracey McIntyre, Senior Financial Analyst
Phone: 250-960-6709

Please contact Sean Kinsley or Tracey McIntyre as per the areas of responsibility listed in the following document.

Accounts Payable


  • Policy and procedures related to accounts payable, travel claims, cheque requisitions)
  • PD fund balance queries
  • Procurement card expenses

Melody Buzas, Accounts Payable Officer (A to G)
Phone: 250-960-5529

Sue Skusek, Accounts Payable Officer (H to O)
Phone: 250-960-5503

Lurana Corbett, Accounts Payable Officer (P to Z)
Phone: 250-960-5579



Aneta Douglass, Accounting Analyst - Research
Phone: 250-960-6534

  • All aspects of research accounting
  • Tracking and monitoring of revenue and expenditures
  • Financial reporting to external granting agencies
  • Invoicing of contracts

Kathleen Denis, Research Grants Officer- Post Award
Phone: 250-960-5615



  • General payroll inquiries
  • Leave and banked time balances
  • Record of employment inquiries
  • TD1/TD1BC tax form
  • Direct deposit banking information
  • Pay statements
  • Request for copies of T4 and T4A slips
  • Confirmation of earnings for immigration applications

Inquiries regarding employee address updates, setting up new employees, employment contracts, and employment benefits should be directed to Human Resources.

Debbie Foisy, Payroll Officer
Phone: 250-960-5586

Bev Grant, Payroll Assistant
Phone: 250-960-5663


Michelle Niebergall, Payroll Services Coordinator
Phone: 250-960-5578



  • Emailing backup documentation regarding direct deposits (EFT/ACH)

William Chew, Manager of Treasury Services
Phone: 250-960-5516

Michael Liggins, Treasury Services Coordinator
Phone: 250-960-5563

  • Responsible for all treasury functions and personnel
  • Cash management
  • Investment portfolios
  • Endowment reporting
  • Debt financing and management
  • Internal auditing and controls
  • Business planning

Deposit and Student Payments


Cashier Office regular hours of operation 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Natasha Jordaan, Central Cashier
Phone: 250-960-5631

  • Located on Student Services Street by the Office of the Registrar
  • All student payments
  • Student ID Card
  • Deposits to Web Print and Book Plan
  • Deposits from revenue-generating department

Tax Information Slips

T2202 - Tuition, Education and Textbook Amounts Certificates (for Students)

For questions regarding tuition, please call 250-960-6390 or email Tracy Carter at

For questions regarding number of months, please call 250-960-6341 or email Kimberly Read at

T4 and T4A Tax Slips for Students, Employees and Contractors

T4A (Statement of Pension, Retirement, Annuity and Other Income) and T4 (Statement of Remuneration) tax slips are mailed out to students, employees, and contractors no later than the last day of February.

In the event you have not received your mailed copy within one week following the last day of February, please email with your current contact information and a PDF copy will be sent to you.

For questions about your T4A please call 250-960-5564 or email Leanne Murphy at

For questions about your T4 please call 250-960-5578 or email Michelle Niebergall at

Financial Services

Colleen Smith, Associate Vice President, Financial Services
Phone: 250-960-5519

  • Responsible for all finance department activities and personnel
  • Financial reporting
  • Pension plan
  • Legislation relating to financial matters

Leanne Murphy, Manager of Financial Services and Systems
Phone: 250-960-5564

  • Responsible for all accounting services activities and personnel
  • Professional development funds
  • Account coding, policy and procedure, new accounts/funds
  • Fund and orgn access in FAST Finance