Field Applications in Resource Management

Course Overview 


The purpose of this two-week field camp course is to provide students with an overall professional-level integration of forest resource management that draws on the student's collective undergraduate experiences.
Field camp provides a setting for students, instructors, and resource professionals to discuss, apply and integrate principles from undergraduate course and lab work, field and employment experiences.
Our resource management students will have the opportunity to gain practical experience applying creative and innovative integrated resource management skills and techniques, to manage non-timber forest resource values at multiple temporal and spatial scales.
This Field Camp will also provide third-year students with a foundation for fourth-year courses, that require knowledge of multiple resource values and issues, as well as integration of this knowledge.
This course is taught in a modular format with the content being delivered by local experts working in the field of integrated resource management, in a setting that promotes discussion and teamwork.

Course Coordinator

Roy V. Rea (UNBC)

Research Forest Coordinator

Dexter Hodder (John Prince Research Forest)


Class 2022

NREM 333 Class of 2022

Information for Summer 2023

Dates: August 21 - September 1, 2023
Time: 7:30 am - 5:30 pm each day
Location: : Aleza Lake and John Prince Research Forests
Instructor: Roy V. Rea

Please register directly with the instructor as you are required to be signed in.
Online registration is not available for this course.
Once approved to register, you can then pay the $100 deposit to register for the May semester (for undergraduate students) plus the $100 field trip deposit (both are non-refundable).
2023 Course Overview and Syllabus
 Last Year's NREM 333 Syllabus 2022

Photo Contest Results

Winner of the 2022 Photo Contest

1st Place: Moose Meadow Submitted by Morgan Klassen

2nd Place: Pinchi View Submitted by Austin Horsnell

3rd Place: Tezzeron Sunrise Submitted by Jenn Baker     


Winner of the 2021 Photo Contest

First Place "Fungi"
Submitted by Taylor Popyk


Runner up "Fire flames"
Submitted by Candyce Huxter

Fire flames

Winner of the 2019 Photo Contest

"Tezzerone Lake looking like glass"
submitted by Selma Radonic

2019 Class Photo

Runner-up - "Island Sunset"
submitted by Keaton Freel

2019 Photo Contest

Second Runner-up - "Toad on a Rock"
submitted by Emely Bornestig

2019 Photo Contest

Winner of the 2018 Photo Contest

submitted by Serena Stanisavljevic

Peavine by Serena Stanisavljevic

Runner-Up - "Mushrooms"
submitted by Courtney Strassburger

Mushrooms by Courtney Strassburger

Winner of the 2017 Photo Contest

Submitted by Lluvia Lopez Pineda

Meringue? mushroom

Runner-Up - Submitted by Brianna Brochez

Chicken in the woods? mushroom

Winner of the 2016 Photo Contest

Submitted by Eric Matzner

Submitted by Eric Matzner

Winner of the 2015 Photo Contest

Submitted by Jeremy Cover

Submitted by Jeremy Cover

Winner of the 2014 Photo Contest

Big Dipper and Aurora, by Eleanor Duifhuis

Big Dipper and Aurora, by Eleanor Duifhuis

Winner of the 2013 Photo Contest

Dog - Submitted by Nick Dormaar 

Dog - submitted by Nick Dormaar

Runner-up - Sunflower
submitted by Cara Guimond

Sunflower - by Cara Guimond