BC Summer Games Tuition Credit

BC Summer Games athlete competing in the high jump

From the Games to the Classroom

The BC Summer Games Tuition Credit is your chance to earn tuition credit for your first and second semester at UNBC. Two-thousand dollars in UNBC tuition credit could be yours.

Open to all 2022 BC Summer Games athletes who attend UNBC by Sept. 2027.

To register for your Tuition Credit, create a "BC Summer Games Prospective Student Profile" by August 31, 2022.

Full Details and Conditions

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Full Details and Conditions

  1. The BC Summer Games Tuition Credit is open to all athletes who participate in the 2022 B.C. Summer Games and create a prospective student profile with Student Recruitment who attend UNBC for undergraduate studies within the established timeframe at the University of Northern British Columbia. 
  2. Any 2022 BC Summer Games athlete who signs up through the online webform in the period July 18, 2022 to August 31, 2022, applies for admission to UNBC for any semester up to and including the September 2025 semester, meets published admission requirements, and registers in courses will have their student account credited for up to $1,000 tuition expense for each of their first two consecutive semesters of study at the University. 
    • ​​Applicants that wish to study in the Northern Collaborative Baccalaureate Nursing Program will have the tuition credit applied to their UNBC coursework upon transit to UNBC in Year 3 of the program. Eligible students must notify UNBC within the year before they transit to UNBC. Eligible students must commence study in the NCBNP by the Fall 2025 semester to be eligible in Year 3 (latest semester: Fall 2027).
  3. The $2,000 BCSG Tuition Credit will be applied to tuition only.  All other associated fees are the responsibility of the student. If the student enrolls in a credit count with tuition costs below $1,000 within either eligible semester, the excess tuition credit will not be rolled over to subsequent semesters. Students receiving other tuition-based awards from UNBC may not be able to utilize the entirety of the BCSG Tuition Credit if their tuition costs for that term do not exceed the award plus the credit value.