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UNBC Students doing research on a lake

Settle in. UNBC has more to offer than a vibrant academic environment: pristine nature, a dynamic city and affordability you won't find in other major research hubs. Quality of life and quality of education come hand in hand. Discover exactly how you should feel in a graduate program—inspired, connected and equipped for huge strides in your career.


UNBC Students studying glaciers

Our research is a big deal. Why? Because we started UNBC with a question: "What can we do better than any one else?" We built a research culture around those things: Natural Resources Management, Community Development and Rural Health. Less than 25 years later, we're one of the best in the world, working in industry-leading institutes and labs, on-campus and throughout the North.

UNBC Faculty

UNBC student and faculty in the lab

Collaborative, open, accessible—working at a small university, our faculty can't be anything else. Among them are 15 research chairs, including six Canada Research Chairs, five endowed chairs and two BC Leadership chairs. These are pioneers, with a unique commitment to northern communities. You'll work alongside them, solving big, relevant problems together.

Graduate Funding

UNBC students studying glaciers

Innovation pays. UNBC regularly secures grants, funding and infrastructure money that not only pushes big ideas forward—it directly benefits graduate students. Teaching and research assistantships, scholarships and research grants make it easier for you to pursue innovation too.

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World-class research, facilities and faculty. 28 masters programs, three doctoral programs. Find key dates, forms, admissions info and to connect with the Graduate Admissions Office who will guide you through every step.