Six things to look at when browsing University program pages

Student Applications
February 19, 2021
We know the decision in selecting a university is deeply personal and can be complex. Let's face it— it's a big decision! We know this and to help make it easier for you to decide, UNBC created comprehensive program pages to make browsing our undergraduate programs simpler and informative. We created a guide to highlight important aspects like quick facts and general information to help you along your journey in choosing an undergraduate program. For the sake of this example, we're using our Bachelor of Science in Forest Ecology and Management page. Remember: you can use this guide for any program. Actually, it's recommended!  

1) Why UNBC?
In this section we highlight WHY students would choose to pursue this program at UNBC. We identify the unique attributes of each program and list the special qualities that will make you want to study at our incredible University. 

2) Quick Facts 
Degree: This will show you the type of Bachelor degree you will receive when you complete this program. UNBC doesn't only offer Bachelor of Science degrees—we also offer Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Planning, Bachelor of Health Science, Bachelor of Applied Science, Bachelor of Education, Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Bachelors of Social Work degrees! 
Credits: This is the amount of credit hours a program  will take to complete in its entirety. Let's break this down further. A course at UNBC is typically 3.0 credit hours. We will divide the total credit hours by three (123/3=41) which gives us 41. In this case, you will need to complete 41 courses during your time at UNBC.  
Honours: In addition to completing their degree requirements, Honours students typically take upper-level thesis coursework under faculty supervision.  What's the point of doing an Honours degree? Well, not only will you get some incredible thesis/research/writing experience, but it will also look flippin' awesome on your resume. Not to mention the connections and networking that comes with it! 
Campus: UNBC offers the majority of its courses at the Prince George campus. However, we have many regional and affiliate campuses where some programs are offered:
  • Fort St. John (Peace-River Liard campus) 
  • Quesnel (South-Central campus) 
  • Terrace (Northwest campus) 
  • Gitwinksihlkw (Wilp Wilxo'oskwhi Nisga'a) 
Why is this important? Well, depending on where you live/work, you may want to see the options for programs/courses that are available in your region/area.  
Experiential Learning: This is where we highlight what experiential learning opportunities UNBC offers in the program. From research to co-op, learn more about how UNBC encourages students to take their learning beyond the classroom through experiential learning.  
Intakes: This describes what time of year students can start the program. Some of our programs only have September intakes (including our competitive programs) but a majority of them have intakes in January and May as well.  

3) Career Paths 
Here are some of the career paths that are associated with each program. The list is in no way exhaustive.  We hope that it provides prospective students with some insight and inspiration as to what they can do with their degree post-graduation.

4) Admission Requirements 
A very important part of the Program Page is to ensure future students are aware of the admission requirements. This is just a fancy way to say, what courses you need to become admitted into a program. We highlight the requirements for both domestic (Canadian) and international students. There are multiple pathways to be admitted into a program. You can find out more about them by reviewing more detailed admission requirements.   

5) Tuition and Fees 
We all know that post-secondary education costs money. We want to be upfront with you and tell you our tuition and fees. Depending on your status (domestic or international) your tuition and fees may vary by program and year. Again, happy reminder that the tuition you see on our pages are based on a full course load (five classes) for ONE full academic year (Sept-Apr).  

6) Reach out!  
While you're exploring all the amazing things UNBC has to offer, check out our online viewbooks, awards and financial aid web page, and future students website. We are hosting a number of upcoming information sessions. Feel free to check them out and register by viewing our online information sessions event pages. Oh, and another reminder that we host daily Zoom drop-in sessions to answers any questions you may have!