TekX: Technology Exploration Dual Credit Program

Professor and students in a lab

Earn post-secondary credits while exploring a career in technology

Get a taste of the post-secondary experience now with these exciting courses in technologies - both at CNC and at UNBC. This cohort-based model is delivered twice per year in either of the Fall or Winter high school semesters. Interested applicants apply in their Grade 10 year.

Why take TekX?

  1. Your tuition and student fees are free!
  2. Earn credits for high school and post-secondary at the same time.
  3. With TekX, experience courses at both UNBC and CNC.
  4. Transfer credits to other colleges and universities.
  5. Start university with a lighter course load.
  6. Build confidence in your future after high school graduation.


Course code Course title Credits Institution
INDS 130-3 Introduction to Human Skills for Technology 3 CNC
CSC 155-3 Introduction to Computer Hardware 3 CNC
CSC 160-3 Introduction to Cybersecurity and Ethical Hacking 3 CNC
CSC 165-3 Introduction to Additive Manufacturing: 3D Printing 3 CNC
CPSC 127-3 Introduction to Technology 3 UNBC



The tech industry is the second largest industry in terms of growth.


Number of job openings expected in the technology sector in B.C. over the next 10 years.


Engage in over 300 hours of hands-on learning.

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