Dr. Gail Fondahl

Photo courtesy of UNBC

Gail Fondahl, PhD
Professor of Geography

BA (Dartmouth College), MA, PhD (University of California-Berkeley, 1989)


Research Interests

  • Legal geographies of Indigenous land rights, especially in Russian North
  • Cultural and legal geographies of reindeer husbandry (Russian North)
  • Human development in the Circumpolar North (including indicators of such)
  • Sustainable development in the North

Current Research Projects

Indigenous Territorial Rights in the Russia Federation: A Quarter Century Onward
SSHRC Insight Grant, 2016-2020
PI: Gail Fondahl; Team members: Donatas Bransidauskas, Viktoriya Filippova, Aytalina Ivanova, Antonina Savvinnova, Florian Stammler

Challenges in Arctic Governance: Indigenous territorial rights in the Russian Federation
NORRUS Grant, Norwegian Research Council, 2016-2019
PI: Gunhild Hoogensen, Arctic University of Norway/ University of Tromsø

ASUS (Arctic Sustainability Synthesis, 2015-2018
PI: Andrey Petrov, University of Northern Iowa
Executive Committee Member, 2015-2018

Arctic FROST: Arctic FRontiers Of SusTainability: Resources, Societies, Environments and Development in the Changing North
PI: Andrey Petrov (University of Northern Iowa)
Member of Steering Committee


Previous Research Projects

The Second Arctic Human Development Report: Regional Processes & Global Linkages (AHDR-II)
Lead – Joan Nymand Larsen (Iceland); Co-leads – Gail Fondahl (Canada) and Henriette Rasmussen (Greenland)

“Arctic Social Indicators” 
PIs – Joan Nymand Larsen (Stefansson Arctic Institute) and Peter Schweitzer (University of Alaska Fairbanks), Phase 1 – 2006-2009 Phase 2 – 2010-2011  

“Indigenous Governance in the Arctic”
Supported by Walter and Duncan Gordon Foundation, 2009 

"Partnering for Sustainable Resource Management"
Co-Investigator: Sue Grainger, RPF, John Prince Research Forest;
collaborative project with Tl'azt'en Nation
Supported by: Community University Research Alliance, SSHRC (2004-2008)

"Criteria and Indicators of Joint Forest Management,"
Co-investigator: Sue Grainger, RFP, John Prince Research Forest
Supported by: Forestry Innovation Investment (Phase 1, 2002-2003; Phase 2, 2003-2004)

"Aboriginal Land Tenure and Self-Government in the Russian North: Mapping Paths to Self Determination,"
Co-investigator: Dr. Greg Poelzer (UNBC)
Supported by: Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada

"Indigenous Land Tenure and Self-Administration in the Sakha Republic, Russian Federation,"
Co-Principal Investigators: Dr. Greg Poelzer (UNBC), Dr. Olga Lazebnik (Yakutsk State University), Dr. Vassily Robbek (Institute for Problems of Native Northern Peoples, Yakutsk).
Supported by: University of Calgary Gorbachev Joint Trust Fund (1997-1999)

"Linking Forestry and Community in Tl'azt'en Nation: Lessons for Aboriginal Forestry,"
Principal Investigator: Dr. Annie Booth (UNBC); Co-Investigator: Umit Kiziltan (Tl'azt'en Nation) Supported by: Forest Renewal B.C. (1997-1999) 

"Upper Fraser Historical Geographies,"
Co-Principal Investigator: Dr. Greg Halseth (UNBC)
Supported by: Sustainable Forest Management Network (1998-1999)