Why We Love Geography! UNBC Geography Awareness Week (VIDEO)

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WATCH: "Why We Love Geography" with UNBC Geography

November 18, 2020
Why We Love Geography
Why We Love Geography session

WATCH: Why We Love Geography #GeographyAwarenessWeek

On November 17th, four UNBC geographers met online to share how they started on the path to studying geography and why they remain so passionate about geography. Tune into this recorded event to hear from Dr. Brian Menounos, Dr. Catherine Nolin, PhD Candidate and social studies high school teacher Glen Thielmann, and instructor Stephanie Powell-Hellyer.

WATCH here: https://youtu.be/l0kDnNyhnGM

Contact Information

Dr. Catherine Nolin, Chair of Geography - catherine.nolin@unbc.ca
Ms. Michelle Keen, Administrative Assistant to Geography - michelle.keen@unbc.ca