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Remote and Rural Health Care

People living in Northern B.C. face unique health challenges resulting from a lack of accessibility to culturally sensitive care and higher-than-average rates of substance abuse, mental illness and workplace injury. UNBC researchers like Dr. Martha MacLeod, the UNBC Knowledge Mobilization Chair are working hard to turn the tide.

Her research is focused on moving the knowledge gained in scientific studies into real world situations making excellence in patient and family-centred care an everyday reality in communities across Northern British Columbia.

You can help this newly established Chair to explore ways of translating the University’s rural and remote health-care research into practice.

Northern Medical Programs Trust

To help attract and support more health-care education students, UNBC partnered with citizens, industry and local governments to create the Northern Medical Programs Trust (NMPT), an endowment to support students in their pursuit of health education. 

Northern Medical Program Trust

Your contributions will extend the reach and impact of health-care education so UNBC can graduate health leaders equipped to serve Canada’s communities.

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