Senate Committees

The links to Senate committees below outline each committee's terms of reference and current membership.

Senate Committee Vacancies.Note: In the list of vacancies and the Senate committee membership, the symbol " " denotes that an appointment by Senate is pending. To apply to serve on a Senate committee, please complete the appropriate application form found here.

For further information regarding Senate committees, please contact Alexandra Parent

Committee Chair
Steering Committee of Senate (SCS) Geoff Payne
Senate Committee on Nominations (SCN) Vacant
Senate Committee on Admissions and Degrees (SCAD) Darcy Smereka
Senate Committee on Academic Affairs (SCAAF) -  Meeting Schedule Mark Dale
SCAAF Art Aquisition Subcommittee (SAAS)
Zoe Meletis
Senate Committee on Curriculum and Calendar (SCCC) Heather Empey
Senate Committee on First Nations and Aboriginal Peoples (SCFNAP) - Meeting Schedule Henry Harder
Senate Committee on Honorary Degrees and Other Forms of Special Recognition (SCHDSR) Geoff Payne
Senate Committee on Scholarships and Bursaries (SCSB) Kathy Lewis
Senate Committee on the University Budget (SCUB) - Meeting Schedule Vacant

Last updated April 7, 2021