Other Completion Routes

This page provides information on the process for students who are finishing their degree requirements via completion of a comprehensive exam, major paper and project/practicum/major paper/portfolio (referred to below as "capstone").

Notice of Intent to Complete Request Form (Comp/Major Paper/Capstone)

Notice of Intent to Complete (for Comprehensive Exams & Major Papers)

The Notice of Intent to Complete for Comprehensive Exams and Major Papers must be submitted to the Office of the Registrar (grading@unbc.ca) and include the Office of Graduate Administration (grad-office@unbc.caat least 1 week prior to the Grading Deadline.

The student must have continuous registration and be registered in the semester in which they are attempting to meet their degree requirements:

  • Comprehensive examinations can be completed while other course work is still in progress; however, in no case shall the comprehensive examination grade (as per section 4.5.4 of the Graduate Calendar) be submitted until all outstanding course work has been graded. 
  • If you have not already done so, please complete the "applied to graduate" form

This section does not apply to students completing via a major paper or comprehensive exam.

Notice of Intent to Complete (for Capstone) 

If your program requires you to  submits a copy of your capstone document to the library, you will need to ensure you follow the formatting guidelines.

You must notify our office when you are nearing completion of your capstone. Prior to submitting your Notice of Intent to Complete Request form, you need to ensure:

  • You are registered in the current semester. You will not be permitted to graduate unless you are registered in the semester of capstone completion and you have maintained continuous registration throughout your graduate studies (where required).
  • All outstanding fees and tuition are paid.
  • You have applied to graduate. This must be done PRIOR to notifying our office that you will complete.
  • All necessary forms have been submitted (this can include a Program Approval/Revision Form, Supervisory Committee Approval/Revision Form, and a current Progress Report).

If you are registered, have no outstanding fees and have applied to graduate, you must submit a Notice of Intent to Complete Request form with the required attachments. Failure to do so may impact the timing of your graduation.

If you are submitting a capstone document to the library, you must also include:

  • A draft PDF of your capstone (e.g. project/practicum report).  Please ensure it follows the UNBC Formatting Guidelines, otherwise it will be returned back to you.
  • The Microsoft Word version of your title page and abstract (not to exceed more than 150 words) (compliant to repository guidelines). This abstract must be included in the final approved version of your capstone.  If it exceeds the abstract exceeds 150 words, it will be sent back to you for revision.

The Notice of Intent to Complete form should be sent to your Program Administrative Assistant, cc'd (copied) to grad-office@unbc.ca.

After Capstone Completion

Submit a final PDF copy of your capstone document and the Distribution License by email to the Office of Graduate Administration at grad-office@unbc.ca.

Your capstone document will NOT be submitted to the library for publishing until your title page and abstract meet repository requirement and your Distribution License is received by the Office of Graduate Administration.  These formatting guidelines can be found above.