Electric Vehicle Charging


  • Siemens VersiCharge Level 2 charging units
  • J1772 plug with 20 ft cable
  • Up to 9.6 kW output: can charge a 40kWh battery in approximately 4-1/2 hours
  • Time delay capable
  • Operate in conditions of -35oC to +50oC
  • Simple to use, no additional fees, and no RFID chip card required

Siemens VersiCharge Gen 3 EV Charger


There are two locations to charge an EV on campus:
  • Parking Lot B - 2 chargers
  • Hospitality Services (East side of CJMH/building 3) - 1 charger
Location of EV Chargers


  1. Carefully remove the connector from it's holster and plug it into your vehicle. Charging will begin automatically! No buttons to push or access cards required. 
  2. Pressing the round 'touch sensitive' button will enable a time delay of either 2, 4, 6, or 8 hours. Press it once more to cycle back to instant charging.
  3. Before you leave, check your vehicle and the charging unit to ensure charging has commenced. If you encounter any issues call, visit, or email Facilites at facilities@unbc.ca

Time Delay Graphic

Please note Facilities does not monitor who is using chargers. They're available on a first come, first served basis. We do ask for everyone's cooperation in ensuring your EV occupies a charging space only while necessary, then the space be made available to other members of our community. 

More Details

For more information and troubleshooting, please review the VersiCharge operations manual.