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UNBC has earned a solid reputation for research relating to the environment and sustainability over its two decades of operation.

At UNBC we defined sustainability in research as a concept that addresses the human relationship to the environment, a relationship that has multiple dimensions. To qualify for inclusion as sustainability research at UNBC, the research must tackle the human relationship to the environment in one or more of its multiple dimensions. Sustainability research seeks to improve human and ecological well-being and as such is generally solutions oriented.

Faculty from at least 15 different academic programs have been involved in sustainability related research at UNBC. The STARS report identified 56 different faculty members who, during 2010/2011, conducted sustainability oriented research.

Green Research in the Spotlight

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UNBC Professor Stephen Dery

June 2012  |  Wild Increase in Streamflow in BC Rivers part of Increasing Trend

According to a study by University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC) researchers, the increase in extreme fluctuations is negatively affecting salmon returns, water quality, and the safety of residents in affected regions


Dec 2011  |  Consumers Care about Economic Sustainability Too

Consumers are willing to pay more for both economically and environmentally sustainable products according to researchers at the University of Northern British Columbia.

Image of hand holding ash and a seedline

Nov 2011  |  UNBC Researches Value-Added Ash Utilization, Funded by Canfor Pulp 

Currently, Canfor Pulp disposes the ash from their bioenergy production in landfills. The UNBC project seeks to take that nutrient-rich ash and test its applications for soil supplementation in forests and agriculture.

UNBC Professor Art Freeden

Oct 2011  |  UNBC Receives Funding to Research Best Uses for Pine Bettle-Infested Wood

The research aims to assist policy-makers and forest-users in achieving the best balance when utilizing BC's forest resource. Specifically, it attempts to increase understanding of when and where it makes sense to harvest beetle-attacked forests.

UNBC student Alana Clason

Sep 2011  |  UNBC Student Receives Fellowship for Climate Change Research

A student at the University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC) is receiving a fellowship from the Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions (PICS) for her work studying the effect of climate change on a species of tree vital to northern vegetation and wildlife.