Green University Planning Committee

The Green University Planning Committee (GUPC) was formed in July 2007 to provide a forum for the advancement and implementation of sustainability at UNBC.  The GUPC acts as an advisory and policy development body with respect to all initiatives at UNBC that will contribute to the goal of being recognized as Canada’s Green University™. The GUPC meets monthly with the aim to: 

  • Make UNBC a more environmentally, socially and economically sustainable campus, under the guidance of the “UNBC Green Strategy”.
  • Engender a ‘culture of sustainability’ in the UNBC community.
  • Make the UNBC campuses models of sustainability for communities and organizations in northern British Columbia.
  • Improve on our national and international reputation for excellence in teaching and research in the area of sustainability.

The current GUPC membership attempts to reflect the diversity of the UNBC community and includes the following members:

  • UNBC President and Vice Chancellor
  • VP Academic and Provost
  • VP External Relations
  • VP Finance & Business Operations
  • VP Research
  • Facilities Director
  • Deans of the College of Arts, Social and Health Sciences (CASHS) and College of Science and Management (CSAM)
  • Purchasing, contract and risk management representative
  • Faculty representatives from CASHS and CSAM
  • Regional campuses representative
  • Northern Undergraduate Student Society (NUGSS) representative
  • Undergraduate student representative
  • UNBC Northern BC Graduate Student Society (NBCGSS) representative
  • First Nations Representative
  • UNBC Alumni representative
  • UNBC Staff representative
  • Renewable Energy Academic Advisor
  • Prince George Public Interest Research Group (PGPIRG) representative
  • UNBC Energy Manager
  • Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions (PICS) UNBC Campus Coordinator
  • UNBC Sustainability Manager

The GUPC has several subcommittees dedicated to furthering different green initiatives and projects at UNBC; these are:

  • Carbon Neutrality Subcommittee
  • Energy Subcommittee
  • Food Subcommittee
  • Green Day Subcommittee
  • Green Fund Subcommittee
  • Green Teaching Subcommittee
  • Transit Subcommittee

These subcommittees are made up of GUPC members as well as other members of the UNBC community who are interested and possess expertise in each particular area.