Walking to and from UNBC is an easy, no-frills method of sustainable transportation (and it's great exercise)! For your safety, there is a pedestrian sidewalk along University Way and, and a multi-use path along Tyner Boulevard. 

Forests for the World Trail Network

For those who like to take a lunch-time walk, a between-classes stroll, or just need to de-stress in nature, Forests for the World is in UNBC's backyard. Please ensure that you are well-prepared: wear suitable clothing, familiarize yourself with the trail maps (posted at trailheads), and be aware of potential hazards. We share this space with a variety of wildlife, including moose and bears. Please review this very important safety information regarding wildlife encounters before heading into the forest. 

Trail survey and map design by Nancy Alexander and Roger Wheate

Map printing and mounting supported by the Green Fund

Cranbrook Hill trail map