Yun Hoonzoo Documentary Series

Recognizing and understanding the connectivity between people and the natural world is an important step in addressing some of the complex challenges we, and the environment, are facing. Aboriginal cultures, such as the Dakelh First Nations people of Northern British Columbia, continue to maintain a unique and respectful relationship with the environment while acknowledging the connectivity between all living things and the importance of protecting the well-being of plants and animals of all shapes and sizes.

Episode 1: Yun Hoonzoo - The Tale of the Coastal Tailed Frog

Episode 2: Yun Hoonzoo - Whistles and Wildflowers

At UNBC'S Green Centre, we hope to inspire leaders for tomorrow by influencing the world today. Through studies, research, and the UNBC experience, we hope to inspire present and future change-makers who will lead the way towards a future where the well-being of wildlife and the well-being of humans are in a state of balance.

Yun Hoonzoo is UNBC’s very own nature documentary series. As an initiative of UNBC’s Green Centre, these videos showcase some of the small but mighty wildlife that resides right here in Northern British Columbia. Through video and storytelling, this project aims to give voice to some of the life forms that play an important role in our ecosystems. The Green Centre hopes this intimate portrayal of Northern BC’s biodiversity will foster appreciation for the elegance of our natural surroundings, and remind us of the often unseen life forms with whom we share the environment – particularly as we make decisions, as individuals, organizations, and communities, that may impact the integrity of their habitat.