IDC Strategic Dialogues

The purpose of Strategic Dialogues is to bring together relevant stakeholders around a particular health issue or challenge related to the improvement of health outcomes for Northerners.  Strategic dialogues will be held on topics that relate to one or more of the strategic areas:

  1. Integrated Accessible Health Services
  2. Health Human Resources
  3. A Population Health Approach
  4. High-Quality Health Services

Principles of Strategic Dialogues:

  • Topics would be related to at least one of the four strategic areas and be prioritized based on potential for action in improving health outcomes of Northerners.
  • Topics will be supported by the best available evidence.
  • Engagement of health researchers/trainees.
  • Be attentive to building capacity to enable researchers to do excellent, sensitive research which supports improved patient outcomes in northern BC.
  • Action will rely on mobilizing knowledge from dialogues.

Strategic Dialogues are up to one-day meetings for decision makers and researchers with expertise on a topic that has been identified as a high priority by Northern Health. The objectives of the IDC Strategic Dialogues are to:

  • provide participants with an overview of the latest evidence from researchers on the basis of their expertise and knowledge on critical issues related to the identified topic;
  • improve participants' knowledge of and access to research evidence in the topic area; to address the issue(s) that Northern Health is or will be facing; 
  • facilitate roundtable discussions that engage both the researchers and decision makers/ practitioners/ clinicians; and
  • enable participants to share their knowledge and perspectives on particular questions.

Previous Dialogues

Perinatal Substance Use - January 22-23, 2015

Patient Journey Maps: