HRI Membership Benefits

Through the UNBC Health Research Institute (HRI) health researchers can join together for the purpose of furthering health research and innovation. The Institute provides a venue for collaboration, support, and the creation of partnerships among researchers from many disciplines concerned with health and its determinants.

Northern Health is partnering with the HRI through the Innovation and Development Commons (IDC). This partnership between UNBC and NH provides a unique environment for the creation of knowledge and its translation into practice.

As a member of the HRI we will look to you for your feedback on the HRI’s strategic priorities, action plans, as well as engagement in Institute activities.

Guiding Principles

At a minimum, the responsibilities of HRI members will be to embrace the guiding principles of the UNBC HRI and commit to fulfilling its purpose of creating and translating knowledge in ways that benefit the health of northern British Columbians. Members are expected to discuss the business of the HRI and contribute to its direction at the HRI Annual General Meeting.

The HRI will:
  • Be a safe environment for creating and mobilizing ideas and innovations
  • Facilitate engagement in meaningful research, relevant to the communities we serve
  • Be inclusive with regard to health research approaches, ways of knowing, and developing and exchanging knowledges
  • Be inclusive of researchers from all disciplines who may contribute to research on health and its determinants
  • Respect the unique interests, needs and issues of rural, northern and Aboriginal/Indigenous peoples for health research
  • Recognize the responsibilities that are inherent in engaging in knowledge creation and knowledge exchange as a set of relationships with researchers and a wide range of partners
  • Ensure that partners have the opportunity to engage with researchers in the creation and exchange of knowledge
  • Work from the unique base afforded by our geographical location in Northern British Columbia

Become a Member

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