RCCbc | Rural Coordination Centre of BC

The Rural Coordination Centre of BC (RCCbc), the University of Northern BC Health Research Institute and Northern Health are partnering to build capacity for rural health activities and engagement in Northern BC, through initiatives such as the Rural Physician Rural Research Support grants and the rural Site Visits project.

The Rural Coordination Centre of BC (RCCbc) works with government, health authorities, health organizations, and UBC’s faculty of medicine to coordinate rural resources at a provincial level. It identifies overlaps and gaps in rural healthcare resources and services and works with rural health stakeholders to address existing needs and issues.

Rccbc's initiatives focus on the following activities:

  • increasing recruitment and retention of healthcare professionals to rural BC communities through several strategies
  • supporting practitioners to work sustainably and collaboratively while providing a high quality of patient-centered care
  • ensuring that rural learners and practitioners receive the training and ongoing medical education necessary to confidently practice rural medicine
  • increasing knowledge base within rural medicine by encouraging and supporting rural research

Northern Node/UNBC Team Members

Bree Loeffler
Administrative Assistant
Email: bloeffler@rccbc.ca
Phone: 250-960-5501
Role: Assists the UBC Dean's Advisory Council on Rural and Remote Issues, communications and the Rural Site Visits project.