PhD in Health Sciences

     * Applicable Supervisors

Davina Banner- Lukaris, Associate Professor (NMP)
Susan Burke, Associate Professor (NMP)
Russell Callaghan, Professor (NMP)
Sarah de Leeuw, Associate Professor (NMP)
Shannon Freeman, Associate Professor (NURS)
Kendra Furber, Assistant Professor (NMP) approved to co-supervise
Andrea Gingerich, Assistant Professor (NMP)
Sarah Gray, Associate Professor (NMP)
Neil Hanlon, Professor (GEOG)
Waqar Haque, Professor (Computer Science, School of Business)
R. Luke Harris, Associate Professor
Dawn Hemingway, Associate Professor (SOCW)
Ross Hoffman, Professor Emeritus (First Nations Studies)
Kevin Keen, Professor (Math & Statistics)
Chow Lee, Professor (Biochemistry, Chemistry)
Martha MacLeod, Professor (NURS)
Rob Olson, Associate Professor (UBC) approved to co-supervise
Linda O'Neill, Associate Professor (PSYC)
Margot Parkes, Professor (Health Sciences, NMP)
Geoffrey Payne, Professor (Biochemistry, Northern Medical Program)
Chelsea Pelletier, Associate Professor (Health Sciences) approved to co-supervise
Stephen Rader, Professor (Biochemistry, Chemistry)
Caroline Saunders, Associate Professor (NURS)
Daniel Sims, Associate Professor (FNST) approved to co-supervise
Angele Smith, Associate Professor (ANTH) approved to co-supervise
Catherine Whalen, Associate Professor (EDUC)
Andrew Kitchenham, Professor (EDUC)

The PhD (Health Sciences) is interdisciplinary in nature with the intent of addressing the needs of health science researchers and professionals in BC and beyond. The student completes coursework and undertakes research demonstrated with a dissertation of original and innovative research in health sciences; the research is at the forefront of their chosen area. Through their dissertation, students will demonstrate their knowledge of developing and carrying out independent research, synthesizing information using qualitative and/or quantitative skills, and making informed judgments and arguments based on fundamental concepts.

It is the responsibility of the student, in cooperation with his/her supervisor, to ensure that a supervisory committee is formed.  The supervisor must be an approved supervisor for the PhD Health Science Graduate Program.

It is not necessary that PhD Health Sciences supervisors be formally assigned to the School of Health Sciences; however, all primary supervisors must hold a tenure - track or tenured faculty appointment with UNBC.  In every case, all primary supervisors (including co-supervisors) must meet the criteria to be a sole primary supervisor.

PhD Health Sciences supervisory committees will consist of the student's supervisor/ co-supervisor and three others.  At least one committee member must be considered "external" (i.e, outside of the School of Health Sciences as well as the student's direct area of study), with justification for external status provided to and approved by the VP Research and Graduate Studies.

Additional external committee members may be appointed, subject to needs of the discipline of speciality in which the student is working.  The membership of the student's committee and the planned program of study must be reported to the VP Research and Graduate Studies as soon as possible.  Identification of the committee is is preferred by the end of the first semester of study; however, this process recognizes that committee membership is dependent on dissertation topic, and firm identification of topic may not be completed during this first semester.  Committee membership should be listed on the appropriate form and provided to the Office of the VP Research and Graduate Studies.