"Fundamentally, the Roadshow helps make the unknown a little less intimidating, whether through showing a student who never thought there was a place for them in healthcare a new career path, inviting a professional student from Vancouver to see the joys of rural living, or bringing students from different fields together to better understand the ways they might work together. By making these ‘unknowns’ more familiar and less foreboding, we hope to inspire the next generation of rural healthcare practitioners."

– Sarah MacVicar, 3rd year NMP student (2017 Roadshow Presenter, 2018 Roadshow Organizer

Goals of the Health Care Travelling Roadshow

 1. Showcase healthcare careers as options for rural students.

Formal and informal presentations are done by current healthcare students in rural focused training programs. Since these healthcare students are generally younger than the local parents and healthcare professionals, they are able to speak to the local youth in a language that is more accessible.  Informal presentations provide opportunities for local students to examine numerous examples of healthcare equipment and allow for more personal conversations with healthcare students.

2. Showcase the rural community as a career option for healthcare students.

The rural community has an opportunity to introduce the visiting students to the medical community, the hospital or healthcare facility, the broader community and the recreational opportunities that exist.

3. Provide an interdisciplinary experience for the healthcare students.

Healthcare training programs tend to be taught in isolation from the other healthcare professions, though the careers themselves all rely heavily on interdisciplinary interactions. Thus, there is a need to improve interdisciplinary opportunities for students during their training.