Why History?

'I forgot to tell him I was sending him for the impossible' is an article from the Chronicle of Higher Education by Sam Bittner that emphasizes how the skills of an historian can be applied in a wide variety of fields.

What can I do with a History Degree?

The skills you acquire with a history degree are particularly valued by employers. Graduates enter careers in business, government service, teaching, law, journalism, archival and museum work. Many students undertake graduate studies or further training. Research, writing, and perspective are skills acquired through a history degree and are rated highly by employers.

Are you a good reader and writer; well organized; a good communicator; are you patient, flexible, tireless; a good puzzle solver with excellent reasoning and analytical skills?  If so, your history degree may enable you to find yourself in one of these possible career options.

Aboriginal Liaison
Account Coordinator
Acquisitions Editor
Advertising & Promotions Manager
Advertising Copywriter
Advertising Executive
Analyst / Writer
Antiques Dealer
Anti-Racism Coordinator
Art Dealer
Arts Administrator
Bank Customer Services Representative
Border Services Officer
Campaign Worker
Career Counsellor
Career Development Professional
Chief Administrative Officer
Child and Youth Worker
Civil Litigator
Communications Specialist
Community Outreach Worker
Community Resource Specialist
Computer Programmer
Congressional Aide
Conservation Officer
Consumer Credit Manager
Coordinator Public Affairs
Crime Prevention Coordinator
Cultural Tour Guide
Curriculum Specialist
Customer Care Representative
Customer Liaison
Customs Broker
Debate Coach
Director of Community Centre
Director of Foundations
Event Planner
Events & Sponsorship Coordinator
Exhibit and Programming Assistant
Exhibit Designer
Filmed Content Librarian
Financial Researcher
Foreign Service Officer
Gallery Attendant
Genealogical Services Specialist
Heritage interpreter
Historical Projects Coordinator
Historical Interpreter
Immigration Officer
Intelligence Agent
Interpretive Naturalist

Investment Advisor
Itinerant Settlement Worker
Judicial Clerk
Land Agent
Law Enforcement
Life Underwriter
Local Immigration Partnership Manager
Management Consultant
Manager of Customer Relations
Manager of Volunteer Resources
Market Research Analyst
Marketing Assistant
Media Analyst
Mediator / Conflict Resolutions
Multimedia Material Producer
Municipal Affairs Reporter
Museum Technician
Operations Manager
Personal Assistant
Personnel Manager
Petitions & Examinations Assistant
Policy Analyst
Political Aide
Post-Secondary Education Administrator
Print Journalist
Private Investigator
Project Manager
Promotions Manager
Public Historian
Public Policy Analyst
Public Relations Specialist
Publishing Sale Representative
Radio / TV Research Assistant
Real Estate Agent
Records Management Technician
Religious Worker
Sales & Editorial Representative
Scriptwriter / Screenwriter
Set Designer
Settlement Worker
Social Media Specialist
Social Policy Researcher
Speech Writer
Stage Manager
Student Life / Residence Coordinator
Student Service Recruiting Admissions Assistant
Sustainability Specialist
Teacher / Professor
Technical Writer
Think Tank Participant
Title Searcher
Tourism Consultant
Training Specialist
Video Archivist
Web Designer

If you are a history graduate with an unusual career or success in your chosen profession we would like to hear from you. This would be excellent encouragment for our 'future historians'.  Please email history with your story.