Undergraduate Program


We are delighted that you are interested in taking some History courses with us or declaring a major or minor. The information on this web site will be very useful as you pursue your studies. The faculty members of the Department of Historoy are more than happy to advise you about our program and our courses. Check out their bios and research interests on our faculty page. Occasionally we invite professors to offer a guest lecture or teach for a semester. We have had visiting scholars from destinations around the world

We are:

Faculty Members
    Dr. Jacqueline Holler, Chair
    Dr. Theodore Binnema
    Dr. Benjamin Bryce
    Dr. Jonathan Swainger
    Dr. Dana Wessell Lightfoot

Adjunct Faculty
    Dr. Nathan Smith
    Dr. Neil Lettinga
    Dr. Virginia Lettinga

Terms and Sessionals
    Rob-Roy Douglas
    Jon Duncan
    Theresa Healey

History departments have been a core part of universities for a long time, and history has long been a popular discipline. Understanding history can help you understand today's society and today's world. A number of processes, ideas, and people shaped the past and gave rise to the present. Yet the study of history also gives students a number of skills necessary for success in the twenty-first century. Our courses will strengthen your critical thinking and analysis, help you carry out your own research, and foster writing and other communicative skills.

Our courses focus on a wide range of themes and continents, and will help you make sense of current events. How can we understand issues facing the Middle East, Latin America, the European Union, or Canada without knowing how those societies developed? And how can we understand questions of nationalism, inequality, or climate change without learning about how humans have created or confronted these issues over time? The skills and the knowledge learned through the study of history makes us better citizens of democratic societies and informed members of a global community.

History courses prepare students to excel in many careers, including in teaching, law, journalism, the civil service, politics, museums, libraries and archives, and universities. Visit our careers page for a much larger selection of careers for students of history.

Check out our Department of History Writing Guide

This short guide is written with occasional humour and identifies common errors that will affect your grades. Grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors are highlighted with suggested corrections. There are also links to other writing guides. Enjoy and raise your Grades!

ATTENTION: Undergraduate Students

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