Hossein Kazemian (PhD, C. Chem, MCIC)

Head, Northern Analytical Laboratory Services (Northern BC's Environmental & Climate Solutions Innovation Hub)

Phone: 250-960-5168
Email: hossein.kazemian@unbc.ca
Office: #4-257

 Graduate students I supervise:

Masters and Ph.D. of  Environmental Science (NRESi) and  Masters of Chemistry

Courses I teach: CHEM 210, CHEM410/610, NRES 798 and 799

Education and Training:
Postdoc: Material and Environmental Chemistry, Western University (UWO), Canada 
PhD, Analytical Chemistry,  Isfahan University, Iran
MSc, Analytical Chemistry, Isfahan University, Iran
BSc,(Honor) General Chemistry,  Isfahan University, Iran

Welcome to my professional profile!

I am a dedicated Chemist with extensive experience in the fields of analytical, environmental, and material chemistry.

Over the years, I have had the privilege of leading teams and making significant contributions in both academic and industrial settings.

My area of specialization lies in the synthesis, characterization, and environmental applications of porous materials, from natural and synthetic zeolites to MOFs & ZIFs. I have gained comprehensive knowledge and expertise in studying these materials for water, air, and soil remediation processes.

Throughout my career, I have successfully developed technology-based processes and products, ranging from pilot-scale demonstrations to prototypes. I take pride in my ability to identify industry trends and collaborate with industrial partners and government agencies to secure funding for research and development initiatives.

By leveraging my expertise in manufacturing novel materials for separation and catalyst applications, I have consistently delivered solutions that address real-world challenges.

 I have had the privilege of serving as a senior consultant for Canadian and international companies, assisting them in new product development and global market expansion. My focus on helping organizations achieve their goals through innovative technology-based products has driven me to stay at the forefront of scientific advancements.

As an educator, I have had the pleasure of teaching chemistry courses such as analytical chemistry, general chemistry, and material and environmental chemistry. Through workshops and mentoring, I have nurtured the talents of aspiring chemists, empowering them to contribute to the scientific community.

My commitment to the pursuit of knowledge and innovation is evident in my extensive publication record, including numerous peer-reviewed scientific papers. I am also actively involved as a member of the editorial boards of esteemed international journals and contribute to the scientific committees of renowned conferences.

I am excited to connect with passionate individuals who share an interest in exploring the fascinating world of environmental, analytical and material chemistry. Whether you are a prospective student looking to join my research lab or an industrial partner seeking innovative collaborations, I welcome the opportunity to work together toward advancing scientific understanding and making a positive impact on society. Thank you for visiting my profile, and I look forward to engaging with you on our shared journey of scientific discovery

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