International Students

Welcome To Canada. We Are Excited For You To Join Our Community!

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Applying For Housing - International Vs Exchange Program Student

When you are applying for housing, you will be asked to select a Student Designation which describes you best. select the International Student designation if you are a newly admitted International Undergraduate, Graduate or Post-Baccalaureate degree student, not participating in a formal exchange program. If you are participating in a formal exchange program, please select none of the above.

New International Student Applicant Terms

  • New international students (excluding exchange students) applying to live in UNBC Residence, both Undergraduate and Graduate level, must agree to have a International Housing Deposit reallocated from the existing International Student Admission Deposit. The International Housing Deposit will be applied towards any applicable Residence Fees once the student arrives at the UNBC Residences. 
    • Note: The International Housing Deposit is allocated from the International Student Admission Deposit.  No additional payment is required.

International Housing Deposit Refund Terms

  • The refund policy for the International Housing Deposit is different than the refund policy for the International Student Admission Deposit.
    • The International Housing Deposit amount will be refunded if new international students are denied their study permit and they cancel their reservation by emailing from their UNBC student email account before Move-in Day. Students will have to provide official documentation from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) indicating that their application for a study permit was denied. If this cancellation request is received before August 1, for September Only (Sept-Dec) and  Academic Year (Sept-Apr) applicants OR December 1 (for January Only (Jan-Apr) applicants OR April 1 for May (May-Aug) and Spring (May & June) applicants OR June 1 for Summer (July & Aug), new international students are also eligible for a full refund of their Residence Room Deposit.
    • After the semester deadlines but before Move-In day, new international students who are denied their study permit will be eligible to receive a refund of their International Housing Deposit with proper documentation.
    • No refunds of students' Residence Room Deposit OR International Housing Deposit will be considered once a student has moved into Residence or if their application is cancelled after Move-In day, regardless of study permit denial.
  • For more information about UNBC's Refund Policy for International Students, please refer to the International Student Refunds - Policies and Information page.

Move-In Times

For safety and security reasons students are not allowed to move into housing before the official move-in date. Our move-in dates can be viewed on our Move-in/Move-out webpage.

When You Arrive in Prince George

Getting From The Airport To UNBC Residence

There are many modes of transportation from the airport to our Residences. There are taxis and shuttle services that offer door-to-door transportation. For  more information and pricing, visit the Prince George Airport Transportation Page.

To use a luggage cart at the airport, you will need a $1 coin (a loonie). Change can be made at one of the desks once you enter the main airport space.

For more information on the city of Prince George, visit the Prince George Tourism page.

International Focus Residence Assistants

Our Residence Assistants (RAs) – International Focus are upper year student staff who are passionate about supporting International students during their time in Residence. They are here to support your transition and provide programming for you throughout your time in Residence.

Do I Need To Bring My Own Bedding?

Bedding is not usually provided in the suites for our students. However, bedding packages are available upon request. If you are an International student who requires bedding, please email prior to your arrival in Residence.

Bedding packages include: 1 hand towel, 1 bath towel, 1 face cloth, 1 pillow with pillow case, 1 fitted sheet, 1 top sheet & 1 comforter.

I Am Applying For The Full Academic Year (Sept-Apr), Can I Stay Over The Winter Break? 

If you are applying for the Academic Year (Sept-Apr) and need to stay in residence over the winter break, we charge a fee of $26.50/night at a maximum of $265.00 for the duration of the winter break.  Please note that if you apply for the September Only (Sept-Dec) semester, we do not offer an extension to stay after the official end of semester which is 24 hours after you complete you last exam.  Please email if you require an extension before Dec 1.