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Here in UNBC Housing, we are committed to fostering student leaders and creating a strong sense of community within our Residences. Our Residence Assistants are student-staff who are passionate about supporting our residents, building meaningful relationships, event planning, and helping students create a “home away from home”. Take a look below at all the different Residence Assistant positions available and what they entail.

Residence Life Team

Summer 2024 Position: Residence and Guest Accommodation Assistant (RGAA) NOW OPEN. Deadline to apply is January 7th 2024 at 11:45PM.

RA Applications 2024/2025 - Applications will open on January 15, 2024

Look below for our Residence Assistant applications, as well as Role Descriptions for more information:

Our Residence Life Team

Resident Assistant

Residence Assistant

Residence Assistants (RAs) are student-staff who live in Residence, and are passionate about community building. They plan events, ensure building safety, complete "on-call" shifts, make referrals, and above all, support our Residents. Residence Assistants receive two weeks of of training at the end of August to ensure that have adequate skills to support our students throughout the academic year. 

Senior Residence Assistant (SRA)

Senior Residence Assistant (SRA)

Senior Residence Assistants are senior student staff who work with the Residence Life Coordinators (RLC) to best support and mentor the Resident Assistants, as well as their own residents. SRAs are responsible for leading bi-weekly senior team meetings, aiding the Residence Life Team with initiatives, and completing "on-call shifts". 

Residence Assistant - Aboriginal Focus

Residence Assistant - Indigenous and Allyship Focus

Our Residence Assistant– Indigenous and Allyship Focus is a student-staff who is passionate about education on different Indigenous cultures, identity, and history. Along with creating learning opportunities for residents, this individual also works to support Indigenous students within Residence. The RA– Indigenous and Allyship Focus often partners with staff from the First Nations Centre to bring different events and programs into Residence, as well as fostering relationships between residents and the First Nations Center. The Indigenous and Allyship Focus RA does not have their own community of students.

Residence Assistant - International Focus

Residence Assistant - International Focus

International Focus Residence Assistants are student-staff who support our International residents. They help International students transition to a new culture, build meaningful relationships, as well as plan events and activities. While our International Focus RAs do not have a floor community of their own, they strive to connect with the residents in their respective building.

Residence Assistant - Sustainability Focus

UNBC Prides itself on being Canada's Green University. The Residence Assistant - Sustainability Focus is a student staff who is passionate about sustainability and environmentalist. This Residence Assistant is responsible for the "Green" community in Residence, while also facilitating events and initiatives that help residents live more sustainability. Fun fact: The Residence Recycle Bag Program was created by a former Sustainability Focus RA.

Residence Assistant - Academic Focus

Our Academic Focus Residence Assistants are student-staff who support students on their path to academic success. The Resident Assistant - Academic Focus does not have a community of residents. They facilitate study sessions, and partner with on-campus partners and faculty for academic programming. There are two Academic Focus RAs: 1 Sciences, and 1 Arts & Humanities.