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Frequently Asked Questions

Please refer to this FAQ to learn the answers to many of the questions supervisors and students have regarding student contracts. 

Q: The employee already has personal information from page 2 on file from a previous contract. Is filling out those sections on a new contract still required?

A: No, as long as the Personal Information on page 2 from the previous contract is still current and up-to-date, then the student may indicate those sections which are already ON FILE (ex: mailing address, emergency contact number and direct deposit information).

Q: The student has said that they’ve filled out provincial and federal tax forms before. Do they need to fill them out again?

A: TD1 (federal) and TD1BC (provincial) tax forms need to be filled out for new students beginning employment. There are basic credit amounts (tuition, etc.) that can be claimed whose values may change every year. If your information has changed, or if you are starting a contract in a new calendar year, you must submit updated TD1 and TD1BC forms.

Q: The student is unsure how to fill out their tax forms. Is Human Resources able to advise the student on how to fill them out?

A: No, HR is not able to advise students on how to fill out their tax forms. The Canada Revenue website provides many resources in regards to the TD1 and TD1BC forms. The link is http://www.crc.gc.ca

Q: What is required of an international student for working on campus on a student contract?

A: International students have study visas that permit them to work on campus. However, to be paid, they still need a current and valid SIN number. These temporary SINS for students have expiry dates, and can be applied for at the local Service Canada Office. The student must bring the original copy of the contract to the Service Canada Office to apply for a SIN number. Prince George’s Service Canada Office is located at:

Prince George Service Canada Office
1363 4th Avenue
Prince George, British Columbia
Service Canada Website

Q: My contract was sent back to me. Why?

A: contracts are generally sent back if it has not been filled out completely.

  • Indicate clearly if the contract is to be paid hourly or on salary.
  • State the exact contract start and end dates (nothing open-ended will be accepted), and include the day, month and year.
  • You must indicate the hours of work per week the student is expected to work. This can be an average for hourly contracts.  The actual hours to be worked are required for salaried contracts.  DO NOT use “no more than x” hours to be worked over the contract duration as this is n.
  • There needs to be a supervisor’s name stated on the contract.
  • Student, supervisor, and budget holder signatures are all required. If supervisor and budget holder is the same person, then a one-up’s signature is required.
  • Do not forget the budget distribution. Fund, org, and account are necessary, while program code is optional.

Q: What is needed for direct deposit information?

A: Direct Deposit information can be in the form of a void cheque or account information that is issued by the student's bank.

  • The account must be in the student’s name.
  • Handwritten information will not be accepted.
  • Information must include transit number, branch number, and account number.