Pension Trustees

The UNBC Pension Plan is overseen by a Board of eight (8) Pension Trustees. The first three members of the Board are the following positions. The appointments do not have an expiry date:

  • Vice-President, Finance and Administration  (Chair of the Board of Trustees) - Rahim Somani
  • Associate Vice-President, Financial Services - Vacant
  • Director, Human Resources  - Kerry Roberts

The next four members of the Board are elected by each of their respective employee groups and serve for a three year term:

  • Directors group - Vacant
  • Exempt employees - William Chew
  • Faculty - Paul Sanborn
  • CUPE - Catherine King

The final member of the Board of Trustees is an appointed member who is not a UNBC employee:

  • External trustee - Betty Ann Shiels

The Pension Trustees ensure that the UNBC Pension Plan is properly maintained on behalf of the UNBC employees. As part of their plan governance responsibilities, they hire consultants qualified to ensure that the plan remains in compliance with all government regulations. Other consultants are hired to ensure that the funds within the plan remain suitable choices.