UNBC Training & Development

UNBC is committed to employee learning, excellence and development. Part of that commitment is ensuring faculty and staff have access to training programs that enable them to complete their work in compliance with legislative requirements. With that in mind, the UNBC Human Resources department has created an internal platform dedicated to Training and Development for all faculty and staff.

The policies and procedures covered in these courses are critical to ensuring a positive, productive working and learning environment.

We look forward to building on this training platform to host a variety of courses over the coming years that empower our faculty and staff to gain new skills and grow professionally. While not all modules will be mandatory moving forward, faculty and staff are strongly encouraged to participate.

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Training & Development FAQs

Is this training mandatory for all faculty and staff?

Yes. Every employer has a responsibility to train their employees on policies specific to Health & Safety, Respect in the Workplace, and Sexual Violence and Harassment. The policies and procedures covered in these courses are critical to UNBC establishing and maintaining an inclusive, respectful work environment. 

Are contract and sessional employees required to take this training?

Yes, contract and sessional employees are expected to complete the online training.

Will all new employees be required to take these courses?

Yes, these courses will form part of UNBC's onboarding program. New faculty and staff are expected to complete all mandatory modules within three months of their start date. 

Who is responsible for ensuring all faculty and staff complete this training?

Faculty and staff are responsible for completing this training with the support of their direct Managers or Chairs. It is the responsibility of Managers or Chairs to provide faculty and staff with the time required to complete the mandatory modules. 

How long will it take to complete each course?

Each course can take between 30-45 minutes to complete.

Is it possible to get an extension on the training deadline?

Everyone will have one month from the date they receive their log in information to complete the mandatory modules and is asked to plan accordingly.

How frequently will faculty and staff be required to complete this training?

Most modules will only need to be completed one time except Respect in the Workplace. UNBC is required by legislation to provide access to annual training. 

Will additional training and development modules be offered? Will all of them be mandatory?

Yes, more training modules are planned. Not all courses will be policy related, but they will support UNBC's strategic priorities. While these courses may or may not be mandatory for everyone, it is strongly recommended that faculty and staff participate. 

How can I check if my faculty/staff have completed their required modules?

Managers and Chairs can contact the Human Resource department at hr@unbc.ca. Additionally, HR will provide Directors and Deans with status reports on a regular basis. 

Will faculty and staff receive a certificate of completion for these courses?

Faculty and staff will not receive a certificate, but D2L will track users' progress. 

Will faculty and staff see which modules are completed when they log in to the Training and Development courses?

Faculty and staff will be able to view which courses are available, and which ones have been completed when they select the course.

Will each course need to be completed in one sitting or will the system track your progress?

Each course will track your progress, which means you can complete the training over multiple sessions. 

Are any systems requirements needed to complete these courses?

General requirements to access these courses include an Internet connection and sound card with speakers or headphones. Courses are optimized for the latest version of Google Chrome (PC or Mac), Internet Explorer 11 (PC) and Safari (Mac) version 9 or later. Microsoft Edge is not recommended. 

Can these modules be accessed on a mobile device?

Yes, these courses can be accessed on any mobile device or tablet that has an internet connection. 

Are these courses accessible?

Yes, if you require further assistance or resources, please contact hr@unbc.ca

How do I access the Training and Development Courses?

With single sign-on (SSO), UNBC faculty and staff members no longer need to reach out to Continuing Studies in order to access training courses. Login in using the SSO link at https://unbc.desire2learn.com/d2l/login or click here. Upon login, click Discover from the top menu, then select Training and Development – Health and Safety and/or other courses to enroll yourself in.