Online Surveys

The application used by UNBC for building online surveys is called SurveyMonkey. Please read the following information to request a new account.

To receive a SurveyMonkey license, you will need to complete the following:

  1. Email to express interest in getting a SurveyMonkey license. There are limited licenses and a license will only be given to support an active project.
  2. CTLT will enrol you in the SurveyMonkey Privacy and Information Management training on Blackboard.
  3. When you receive your invitation to the Blackboard shell hosting the training, complete the five modules and receive your certificate of completion.
  4. Once the certificate has been issued send the PDF copy of your certificate of completion to This will start the process to receive a license. Also, state approximately how long you will need the license for.
  5. IT Service Desk Analysts will forward you instructions, on how to register on the SurveyMonkey platform, via the support request submitted in Step 4.  An invite from SurveyMonkey will be sent to you as well to setup your new account.