Software Request Guidelines

This information is designed to assist UNBC faculty and staff in requesting software.

Lab Software

  • Software currently installed on the Student Lab image is available at Computer Lab Software
  • IT Services is responsible for licensing software to be used by a broad base of academic departments.
  • Instructors are cautioned against relying on the availability of software owned by other departments or faculties. It could be upgraded or removed at any time.
  • ITS requires a minimum of 20 working days to install software in the Student Lab Image. This timeline assumes that licensing is in place and that installation media is available.
  • Upgrades and additions are time-consuming and limit access to students while occurring, they can only be done during non-peak hours.
  • Centrally provided software is typically only upgraded during the summer semesters unless there is a security concern.

Acquiring New Licensing

  • Instructors should note that shareware and evaluation copies are not licensed for use in our virtual environment.
  • Instructors should note that acquiring licensing often takes several weeks, particularly if the purchase has a funding request or requires a Privacy Impact Assessment.
  • If it interferes with existing programs, is improperly licensed or causes security concerns, IT reserves the right not to install specific software programs.


  • There are a number of problems that can occur when installing software into a lab environment.
    • Software is sometimes designed for an older operating system.
    • Software is not always designed for a multi-user, virtual environment.
    • The new software may not be fully compatible with existing software programs.
  • It is assumed that instructors are knowledgeable, with the features and functions, that they will require for their classes. Instructors are thus responsible for testing all application features.

Software Request Process

Software request can be made by visiting Go to Services in the menu and select Equipment Purchase and Software Inquiries to make a software request.

This request form is intended for UNBC faculty and staff who require lab software or software for work computers or laptops.

Be aware of:

  • You will receive an email confirming your request has been initiated, and more information may be required.
  • To ensure delivery of this email please check for email from ITS Support.
  • Your Software request form will be processed, by UNBC's Inventory and Acquisitions department.
  • All communication regarding a software request will be completed through this method.