Wireless Connections at UNBC

Connections available to use are:

  • UNBC - connect using your UNBC credentials
  • eduroam - connect using your home institution credentials

Note: When you are visiting another campus you can connect using your UNBC credentials.  See eduroam for more information.

Connecting to the UNBC WIFI:

When connecting to the WIFI on UNBC campus we look for a few settings to be correct: 
  • EAP method set to PEAP 
  • Phase 2 authentication set to MSChapV2 
  • CA certificate set to “None” or “Do not Validate”; on some newer machines you will have to select “Use system certificates” and then select “None/Do not Validate” 
  • In some cases, the system will ask for a Domain to be entered. Please type in: unbc.ca into the domain field 

After those settings are correct, you will have to enter in your UNBC username in the username field, and your UNBC password in the password field. 

For more information on WIFI access, please see our knowledge base article on our support portal (support.unbc.ca) : WIFI Access