Past Presentations



IWAU/NRESi Colloquium. Gender and Participation at COP21 - Claire Martin, former CBC Senior Meteorologist

November 18, 2016

Claire Martin had the opportunity to attend COP21 in France at the end of 2015, at the request of the Green Party of Canada and the newly minted Liberal government, to help Canada negotiate a new global climate plan. Inside the damp, cold, testosterone filled tarp covered walkways around the COP21 temporary facilities, Claire had the opportunity to watch world leaders wrestle over the terms of a legal document that will affect us for generations. But what about the women? Were they heard? Claire will introduce you to the "other" battle going on at COP21.

Women in Media Panel

November 17, 2016

In honour of the annual 2016 IWAU theme: ‘Women, Media and Masks,’ we have assembled an exemplary all women panel. Each panellist brings a diverse background within the media and communications sphere; from which they can speak with candour surrounding their particular challenges and opportunities within the media industry.

Indigenous Women Land Defenders

November 21, 2016

This panel discussion brings together three powerful women land stewards, each from different nations and regions, to share their experience preserving traditional territory and ways of life from the encroachment of industry.

Feminism 101: Fundamentals for Females