Sponsorship Opportunities

Our sponsors are key to our success. We have a variety of opportunities for sponsorship, including the sponsorship of activities, materials, and speakers. With your support, your logo and a link to your website will be featured on our Sponsors and Partners web page. You will also receive acknowledgement on any event programs or calendars associated with the event.

If you would like to join our IWAU family by becoming a sponsor for the events and/or the IWAU Award, please contact us at iwau@unbc.ca. You can also contact our event founders, Dr. Annie Booth at annie.booth@unbc.ca, or Dr. Zoë A. Meletis at zoe.meletis@unbc.ca.

Sponsorship and the Sustainability of IWAU

We see Inspiring Women Among Us as a low-barrier series of events. Our organizers work very hard to ensure the events remain open and free, providing refreshments whenever possible, and encouraging participation across all walks of life. We see IWAU as a community event for all. The goal of keeping the event free motivates us to seek funding.

To date, we have engaged in an impressive array of fundraising and fund-seeking activities to fund our IWAU events and pay some of our skilled assistants. We have creatively combined successful grants and other contributions to fund our operations. The money raised goes towards organizing, funding, and promoting our open, free events. The efforts of our organizers are vital to the ongoing success of IWAU.

IWAU is a well-established and well-loved event, as demonstrated by the feedback we received on IWAU 2017, which will be presented during IWAU 2018. In prior years, IWAU has cost approximately $35-45,000 to run.

We have also created the IWAU Award in the spirit of the event series and the reasons why it was started. This award differs from other awards offered at UNBC in that it is non-academic, and any self-identifying woman who faces barriers in obtaining an education can apply. Although only a few years old, the IWAU award is very oversubscribed—and virtually all of those who apply have compelling and deserving stories.

To ensure a bright, healthy, and vibrant future for IWAU events and the IWAU award, we are seeking community corporate and individual sponsors who would like to enter into longer-standing funding agreements with IWAU. With large sponsorships ($5000 and up), we will be able to focus more on content and delivery while maintaining the excellence of the IWAU events.