IASK Faculty

Tracy Summerville

 Dr. Tracy Summerville

I was the recipient of the UNBC Teaching Award in 2000 and I was shortlisted for the Canadian Political Science Prize for Teaching Excellence in 2010. I also received the 2011 Robert W. Tait Award on Implementing Teaching Excellence at UNBC. I love to be in the classroom and I believe deeply in empowering students to take ownership of their learning. Our classroom will be a place where we learn together. I have participated in, and facilitated, a number of teaching workshops including the Annual Teaching Conference at UNBC and these experiences have provided me with lots of interactive and fun teaching tools to help students to achieve their potential. I am very excited about this program and hope to see you there.

Ross Hoffman

Dr. Ross Hoffman

I love teaching and I love learning. I began my teaching career in 1979. I started out as a primary school teacher, but as time went by I realized that I really enjoyed working with adults. In 2001, I returned to university with the goal of completing a Ph.D. and securing a job at a university. Having lived in northwestern BC for more than 20 years, UNBC was the perfect fit. I have been a member of the First Nations Studies Department since 2005. I have been involved with the IASK Program since it was just an idea. Teaching in the IASK Program reminds me of why I got into teaching in the first place.

Lisa Dickson

Dr. Lisa Dickson

Shakespeare said that all the world’s a stage.  With all due respect to the Bard, I would modify his famous observation to say that all the world’s a classroom and all of us are learners.  This is a good thing, since my favourite place is the classroom and in one way or another I’m never out of it.  I’m a 3M National Teaching Fellow and recipient of the UNBC Excellence in Teaching Award (2007), which means that someone was kind enough to recognize me for something that is most definitely its own reward.  I am fortunate to work regularly with a community of enthusiastically engaged teachers and learners to create innovative, effective and challenging learning environments at UNBC.  The IASK Program is one of these environments.  I look forward to seeing you there.

Heather Smith

Dr. Heather Smith​

I am a Professor of International Studies and have been at UNBC since 1994. I am a 3M National Teaching Fellow (2006) and two time winner of the UNBC Excellence in Teaching Award (2003 and 2010). While, I’ve held a number of administrative positions during my years at UNBC and I have an active research agenda, the classroom is one of my favorite places to be. Every class has its own unique quality and I always learn so much from my students. I’m looking forward to learning together with the IASK students.  

Paul Bowles

Dr. Paul Bowles

I have been at UNBC since 1993 and was the Founding Chair of Economics. My research interests are in globalization and in development both in developing countries and in our own region. I have spent quite a bit of time doing research in China. Why am I interested in teaching in IASK? There is a short and a long answer to this question. I’ll give you the long one! When I first went to university in England it was still only about 10 per cent of the age cohort that did so – it’s now closer to 45 per cent. Neither of my parents had been to university so it was a new experience and I didn’t really know what to expect. I found my first year both quite exciting and quite strange. Since becoming a professor I have always been interested in the first year experience – I hope that, for you, the first year IASK Program will be even more exciting but also less strange than my first year was.  

Kyrke Gaudreau

Dr. Kyrke Gaudreau

Kyrke Gaudreau completed his PhD in social and ecological sustainability at Waterloo University, where his research focused on sustainable energy systems. Kyrke has consulted on various strategic and environmental assessments of energy systems in Canada, and has researched and written about energy systems sustainability in several different countries. 

Angele Smith

Dr. Angèle Smith​​

I love teaching and learning – whether in a classroom, at local community events or in Ireland conducting a field school. I learn much from students, and teaching, sharing and communicating with them helps me to better pursue my own research that is concerned with social justice and the appreciation of difference and how difference operates in and across cultures and places. I received a UNBC Excellence in Teaching Award in 2003 and with each class and with each year, continue to explore and expand new ways of engaging with students. I look forward to learning with the students of the IASK Program – hope to see you there!