Why should I take this Program?

“This foundation year curriculum program (IASK) can provide you with a well-equipped toolbox to aid you in your future years in academia.Now that I am in the later part of my undergraduate degree, I am more sensitive to the importance of having a solid, broad foundation in the liberal arts. When we are aware of and grounded in context, we are able to have a deeper, well-rounded understanding of concepts. As students, this allows us to be better at critically reflecting (and acting) on what we observe.The most exciting part of the program for me is the Foundations of Learning course. I was lucky enough to have taken a research and writing course that was specific to the liberal arts in the first semester of my first year. This has saved me hours of pain! I learned to read and write more effectively--I was studying smarter, not harder. I cannot begin to express how excited I am for incoming students that there is a course like this integrated with their content courses.” - Czarina Pacaide

"Coming to university from high school was an overwhelming experience for me. Transitioning to an institution that's founded on a broad range of ideas and perspectives can be intimidating, and it took me many years to develop the skills and academic foundation to find my feet. Though I knew I enjoyed learning, I found it difficult to contextualize and express what I was expected to. The foundation year (IASK) is exciting because it provides classes offering a range of topics that are woven together, giving those early university years meaning and context. It also provides skills development with class content, so the way you learn becomes easier. The foundation year (IASK) also gives like minded liberal arts students a cohort to share their learning experiences. During my time at university, I've found that the richest learning was always with my peers. New friends with shared passions have been the highlight of my years at university, and the Foundation Year (IASK) program is designed to create those connections."

Corbin Greening