UNBC Sunset

The Integrated University Planning Framework supports the strategic priorities and links all planning and budgeting activities across the university. This Framework presents opportunities for institutional collaboration, supports data informed decision-making, and ensures our efforts and resources align with the strategic, academic and research priorities. It brings UNBC’s vision to life and focuses our strategies and initiatives on addressing the challenges and opportunities of globalization.

The Integrated University Planning Framework builds upon the strength of our faculty and staff, confirms our commitment as a student-centred and research-intensive university, and sets out a path for us to realize our vision and mission

UNBC's Strategic Priorities

Strategic Priority 1

Attract, retain and develop outstanding students, faculty and staff

  • Enroll 3,504 FTE students by 2022/23 while ensuring a diverse talented and engaged student body.
  • Increase incoming student class size (head count):
    • Undergraduate domestic students by 250
    • Graduate domestic students by 50
  • Increase international student head count to 800
  • Increase Aboriginal student head count to 700
  • Improve first-year retention to 80%
  • Develop a competitive total compensation framework
  • Develop a comprehensive transition and outreach program for potential graduate students
  • Establish a leadership development strategy for faculty, staff and students
  • Enhance student success

Strategic Priority 2

Enhance the quality and impact of academic programming and delivery

  • Refresh the academic structure to further support innovation, high quality academic programming, and the success of faculty, staff, and students by 2021
  • Enhance the Program Quality Assurance (PQA) process for UNBC’s academic programs
  • Enhance the learning experience for international, Aboriginal and domestic students across the University
  • Strengthen the learning experience for first-year students

Strategic Priority 3

Enhance the research culture

  • Develop a sustainable program for recovering indirect and direct costs of research to support the Research Action Plan and promote faculty and student success at UNBC
  • Develop an integrated funding framework to support graduate thesis research
  • Increase the level of funding for the undergraduate research experience program by 50% over the current level
  • Develop two new industrial research chairs
  • Develop and implement an innovation strategy

Strategic Priority 4

  • Ensure resources are allocated to support the strategic priorities
  • Develop a sustainable infrastructure to support the mission
  • Raise $15 million of contributions through the comprehensive campaign by 2018
  • Develop a capital plan that positions UNBC for future growth and development, and supports faculty and staff success in research and teaching
  • Increase annualized fundraising by $1 million
  • Ensure financial equilibrium by 2021
  • Ensure processes, policies, systems, and services are efficient and add value
  • Raise UNBC’s brand regionally, provincially, and internationally
  • Increase government awareness of UNBC’s unique challenges and opportunities