The Cariboo Alpine Mesonet (CAMnet)

A network of metrological stations serving several research projects

The Cariboo Alpine Mesonet (CAMnet) is currently a network 11 of meteorological stations installed at mid to high elevation sites within the Quesnel, Nechako and Kiskatinaw watersheds. It was developed as part of a research project undertaken by the Northern Hydrometeorology Group (NHG) at University of Northern British Columbia (in Prince George, BC) to create a long term climatological record for north central BC. This network of stations collects different climatic variables such as air temperature, rainfall, snow depth, wind speed and direction, and atmospheric pressure at 15 minute intervals.

Data from this network extend from as early as 2006 to present time and have been widely used for different research and analysis. In particular, these data help inform a range of projects including those conducted by Drs Petticrew and Owens from the IWRG in their work centred at the Quesnel River Research Centre.

Locations of the CAMnet weather stations