Current Students

Abby Dooks

Abby Dooks

Abby is in the MA International Development Studies stream. Originally from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Abby completed her Bachelor of Arts in both International Development Studies and Political Science at Saint Mary’s University. Her particular field of interest includes Environmental Guardianship Programs and Community Based Environmental Resource monitoring. In previous years Abby has travelled internationally to learn about Fair Trade Coffee and has coordinated awareness campaigns to educate her local communities on the various issues surrounding economic development and international trade. She has also travelled to the Model United Nations Conference in New York, Manhattan for three consecutive years in order to further her knowledge of sustainable development and international cooperation. Abby hopes to advocate for a healthy environment for all of the earth’s species and a more equitable world.

Dennis Botwe Kyei

Dennis Botwe Kyei

Dennis Botwe Kyei is a graduate student of MA International Studies
with the International Development program stream. He holds Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, and a Master’s degree in Public=Administration, from the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA), Ghana.  His research interest is in sustainable development and poverty alleviation, and the effective resourcing of state institutions for policies implementation for utmost benefit of the citizenry in developing countries.  Dennis has a strong passion for volunteering work and community services. He has worked in both rural and urban government
institutions in Ghana.

Lindsay MacDonald

Lindsay MacDonald

Lindsay MacDonald is the second generation in her family to be born and raised in Prince George. She graduated from UNBC in 2018 with a Bachelor of Arts in English. After graduating, she spent two years living in the Middle East and travelling to other parts of the world. In that time, she started to take an interest in the development and infrastructure within the various communities she travelled to. Lindsay decided that she wanted to further her education in this arena, and return to UNBC to complete her studies. The subjects that she has taken a particular interest in are the rise of authoritarianism in Eastern Europe, and issues related to the Arctic north, specifically, Indigenous peoples in the Arctic North.

Rachelle Munchinsky

Rachelle Munchinsky

Rachelle Munchinsky is a part-time student in the International Development stream of the MA International Studies program. Her research revolves around the experiences of South Asian women students in the BC education system and is directed by Dr. Jacqueline Holler.  Rachelle grew up in Prince George, receiving a joint bachelors from UNBC in English and History in 2012. She has worked at the College of New Caledonia since graduation in the International Education department and recently has started a new role to support faculty in program review as part of the Teaching and Learning team. Her professional career inspired her to return to UNBC to pursue a Master's in International Studies. Rachelle is married and has two young boys that keep her busy in addition to her graduate work and professional career. 

Arturo R. Sepulveda Garcia

Arturo R. Sepulveda Garcia

Arturo R. Sepulveda Garcia is a first-year student of MA in International Studies-International Development. He is an international student from Mexico and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in International Studies with Major in American Studies from Universidad de Monterrey. While he was an undergraduate student, he had the opportunity to study at El Colegio de Mexico, in Mexico City, and at Universidad de Santiago de Chile. Thereafter, he worked for four years at the Social Welfare Secretariat of the State of Tamaulipas as Head of Economic Studies Department and as Private Secretary. One of his major professional achievements was to be part of the team that designed, implemented and controlled a household-level multi-dimensional poverty census for the State of Tamaulipas. He is interested in multi-dimensional poverty measurement, development strategies for developing countries, social capital and assessing social public policies efficiency through Randomized Controlled Trials. Also, he is interested in the social impacts of international trade agreements, specially, the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP).

Nowadays, he enjoys living and studying in Prince George, B.C., which is a beautiful place surrounded by nature, forest trails and kind people.

Fikayo Sipe

Fikayo Sipe

Fikayo Sipe is a graduate student in the International  Development stream of the International Studies MA program. Fikayo is an international student from Nigeria,  he completed his bachelor's degree in International law and Diplomacy at Babcock University Ogun State, Nigeria. His academic interests include the Political Economy of Natural Resource Extraction and Global Economy and Development. He is currently enrolled in his second year in the international development program. Fikayo is passionate about sustainable development and community building.

Recent Graduates

John Hopeson Anku

John Hopeson Anku (2021)

John Hopeson Anku defended his thesis, "Land Grabs and Livelihood Outcomes: Exploring the Coping Mechanisms Adopted by Farmers in Agrarian Communities in Ghana, supervised by Dr. Nathan Andrews, in June 2021.

John is originally from Ghana and holds degrees in Political Science and International Affairs from the University of Ghana.  John has interest in discussions around the equitable distribution of opportunities and resources that contributes to the realization of a just and equitable society.

Nnamdi Reginald Ihekwaba

Nnamdi Reginald Ihekwaba (2021)

Nnamdi Reginald Ihekwaba recently completed his MA in International Studies in the Global Development steam. Nnamdi grew up in Nigeria where he was awarded a BSc. degree on completion of the Business Economics program at Babcock University. Thereafter, he worked with an international NGO which conducts research, and delivers health solutions that improve lives, policies, and programs around the world. He has also done collaborative work with a reputable international advertising agency and is an APMG certified Project Management for Development professional. His passion encircles the capability approach as it relates to innovation and inclusive economic development, equity in international cooperation, and the futures thinking approach to sustainable development solutions. Nnamdi loves music, soccer and networking.

Kate Van Dam (2021)

Kate Van Dam recently completed her MA in International Studies in the Global Environmental Policy stream at UNBC. She received her BA in International Development at Trent University, in Peterborough, Ontario.  Originally hailing from Ontario, she loves the contrast of landscape to that of BC, and has fallen in love with the West-- particularly the culture and lifestyle of Northern BC!  For much of her employment she’s worked with children and youth in a variety of contexts. After finishing her BA, she worked at a leadership centre near Algonquin Park in Ontario, and was astonished by the rich experience and experiential learning that was facilitated there. The relationships and reflections developed between students, and the connections to place that transpired in this environment really started her on her educational journey. At UNBC she enjoyed pursuing her research interests through field schools around topics of extractive resources, communities and public participation, and youth engagement. 

Sandra Amongin

Sandra Amongin (2020)

Sandra Amongin completed the International Development stream of the MA International Studies program. Her thesis, "Engendering the Blue Economy: Offshore Oil Extraction and the Livelihoods of Women in Ghana," was completed under the direction of Dr. Nathan Andrews

Sandra is from Uganda where she obtained a BSc in Forestry with a Major in Community Forestry at Makerere University. Thereafter she worked with a not-for-profit organisation which promoted sustainable environmental management alongside sustainable community livelihood enhancement strategies. Sandra is passionate about sustainable development that promotes integration of communities, the inclusion of vulnerable groups, gender considerations, and environmental management.

Jenny Lind (2020)

Jenny Lind defended her thesis, "Filling Everybody's Buckets": The Impact of Participation in Community Development Organizations on Women's Capabilities in Northern British Columbia" in December 2020. Jenny grew up in Prince George and completed her BA in Community Development at Daystar University, Kenya. Her academic interests are entered around the participatory development, sustainability and women. After completing her BA she spent a year in London before pursuing her MA at UNBC.

Diana Reyes Perdoma (2020)

Diana Reyes completed her thesis, Challenges Experienced by Organizations in Honduras in Promoting Human Rights of Returned Migrant Children during Their Reintegration,” under the direction of Dr. Fiona MacPhail, defending in August 2020.

Ebunoluwa Adefowokan

Ebunoluwa Adefowokan (2019)

Ebunoluwa Elizabeth Adefowokan completed the MA International Studies in Regional Relations. Originally from Nigeria, Ebun is passionate about peacekeeping and peacebuilding in pre and post-conflict communities. She holds both a Diploma and B.A degree in History and International Studies from the Ekiti State University of Nigeria. She completed her thesis, Promoting Internationalism? A Gendered Examination of the United Nations Reintegration Processes for Internally Displaced Persons (IDPS) In North-East Nigeria,” in April 2019 under the direction of Dr. Jacqueline Holler. A recipient of the Spring 2018 UNBC Research Project Award, Ebunoluwa Adefowokan loves to sing, cook, and meet people.