Tuition and Fees

The following information on Tuition and Fees for International students is intended to supplement information available on the Finance website and provide additional details about deposits, deadlines, refunds and payment option. Please refer to the Finance website for additional information and for current tuition rates.

Tuition Deposit

All International undergraduate and master’s students are required to pay a $1500 admission deposit. This deposit will be used to pay for your tuition and fees at UNBC.

When the UNBC Admissions office has finished reviewing your application and has determined you are admissible to your chosen program, admissions will ask you to pay the Admissions deposit. Once the deposit is paid, you will receive the information required to apply for your study permit and your official Letter of Admission. Receipts can be downloaded from your student account.

The international admission deposit is $1500 and non-refundable. Refunds may be granted in cases of study permit refusal, less any tuition or charges owing. Please read our refund policy for details.

If you are an MBA student you will also pay a $2000 MBA deposit. To receive a refund for this deposit you must inform the MBA Program of your request by the required deadline. Late requests even with study permit denial are non-refundable. Please contact for more information.

If you require a financial support letter for a bank, please email

British Columbia Medical Services Plan Fee (BC MSP)

All international students in British Columbia must pay a $75 a month fee for healthcare to the Province of British Columbia. This fee begins after the three-month mandatory waiting period. You are responsible for enrolling yourself and paying for this independently. This fee cannot be paid from your UNBC account.

BC MSP is separate from your student health and dental fee and should not be confused.

Click here for more details on this fee

Payment Deadlines

  • Admissions Deposit is due two weeks after notification of admission. In some instances, this deadline can be extended.
  • The obligation to pay fees for a course or program is made when you register for classes.  Payment of tuition and fees are due by the first day of the semester (please refer to the UNBC Academic Calendar for all important dates). 
  • Late registration and any additional fees owing as a result of changes in a student’s registration and/or other student activities are due on the day the charges are incurred unless otherwise indicated.

How to Pay

UNBC accepts a range of payment methods. We strongly recommend that International student's needing to make a payment use UNBC's preferred payment platform: Convera (previously Western Union GlobalPay).

This service allows you to pay in your local currency using a range of local online payment options, or bank transfer. Please see here for tips and FAQs about Convera for students.

For full details on the benefits of using Convera for students, as well as other payment options available to you, please click here.


In most cases the international admissions deposit is non-refundable. For all international admissions deposit refund requests, a $150 processing charge will apply.To submit a refund request please see our deferral, refunds and withdrawals page.

Refund requests are usually processed within 8-10 weeks of the receipt of a complete refund request. Incomplete refund requests will not be processed. If you are eligible and your refund request is approved, the funds will be returned to the original payment location.