Using an Education Agent

UNBC works closely with a global network of authorized agents and associates. These associates play a key role in ensuring that prospective international students have accurate and complete information about UNBC, and assist students in planning and preparing for their studies at UNBC.

Prospective international students are not required to use education agents to apply directly to UNBC. You may submit your application through Education Planner BC (EPBC) independently.  

Choosing an agent

Before you select an agent there are a few important things to remember:

  • When choosing an agent, we recommend you confirm that your representative is a registered agent with UNBC. You can confirm this by emailing us at
  • Using an educational agent does not mean that you are guaranteed admission to UNBC or that you will obtain a Canadian study permit. Any agent who makes these claims is not being honest.
  • Discuss the services your agent will provide. If there is a cost involved, ask for the cost of each service in writing. 
  • For your own safety and security, original documents such as passports, academic transcripts and other records should always be kept by you. 
  • All payments and deposits should be made payable directly to UNBC and not through the agent.   

Applying with the assistance of an agent

If you do decide to use an agent, they should assist you in completing your Application to UNBC through EducationPlannerBC (EPBC).  

Prospective international students who would like to use the service of education agents to assist with their application, please ensure your agent correctly identifies themselves as your representative.

Once they have identified themselves on the application, UNBC will be able to communicate with your agent and provide them with updates on your application.